Gammel kunnskap for en ny tid Print

En konferanse i Mondsee i Østerrike er en sjelden anledning til å møte sjamaner fra alle kontinenter. Der møtes en gruppe på omkring 20 tradisjonelle sjamaner og healere for å knytte kontakt og danne nettverk, men også for å holde foredrag, workshops, utstillinger og andre utadrettede aktiviteter.  Konferansens fokus ligger på psykisk helse og konfliktløsning. Denne samlingen er en begivenhet i sjamanenes verden, en mulighet for oss å få en stor offentlighet i tale og for å reintrodusere  "gammel kunnskap for en ny tid". Oppløftende er det også at "tradisjonelle" forskere  deltar som "støttegruppe" på konferansen!!!

In June 2006 the “Shamanism and Healing Association” organizes its sixth International Congress on Shamanism and Healing entitled - ANCIENT KNOWLEDGE FOR A NEW AGE-.

Around 20 authentic healers and shamans from five continents will gather and share the  ancient knowledge of their traditions. They want to exchange their ideas concerning the challenges of our modern times and get connected. Scientists and artists will support them. 

Shamanism is the oldest teaching of humanity explaining how the universal forces interact, how  illness and disharmonies in the social, individual and environmental equilibrium develop. There was a profound understanding that the human beings are interconnected and woven into the laws of a living universe and on the basis of this understanding traditional holistic healing  methods developed as well as rituals and spiritual exercises for physical and mental health of the individual being and the community.

This led to basic insights into the different states of consciousness and the different worlds, which are experienced in theses states.  For thousands of years shamanic knowledge has been passed on from generation to generation and developed more and more.

This happened in many different cultures and there is an astonishing similarity both in basic approach and practical procedure.

In Europe shamanism had  also been successfully practiced until a few hundred years ago, when it was repressed by inquisition and the forthcoming of modern science. Since then it existed only secretly, but the knowledge never got lost and now we have the chance to combine the old and the new “natural  science”.  

We can see that people become increasingly alienated; they estimate material things and  specialized knowledge higher than a sense of responsibility for the whole and an intuitive holistic way of understanding. Our social net and the ecological balance of the earth seem to be endangered by this.

The consequences for our physical and psychic wellbeing become already  apparent. Therefore we asked the shamans and healers who are participating in the congress to share their traditional knowledge and understanding especially related to the following issues:

“Development and Healing of psychological diseases and imbalances from the shamans point of  view” and “Development and Solving of social conflicts within families and other social structures from the shamans point of view.”

Through lectures, practical exercises and rituals the shamans will give us the vivid experience  how they deal with these issues, which play such an important role in our human life and they invite us to find our own answers. We, the organizers, expect that the congress will be especially interesting by focusing on these  two topics.

We think we will manage to plant seeds to help us all to feel responsible for all living beings and consciously create a network to support each other and connect.  

Meeting of shamans and healers prior to the congress and sponsorship It is the third time already that we initiate and organize a meeting of the shamans and healers prior to the congress to the exclusion of the public. It will take place from the 20th to the 30th of May in  a seminary house in Bavaria.

Being amongst themselves they will share their various healing methods and their viewpoints and philosophy of life. These meetings are unique and most probably the only such meetings in the whole world.

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