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We have just learned that over the last 20 months, 14 shamans have been murdered in Peru's northeastern jungle region of Loreto. Nyheten kommer fra Foundation for Shamanic Studies. According to the newspaper La República: The provincial prosecutor's office said that the murders were allegedly ordered by the mayor of Balsa Puerto, Alfredo Torres, and carried out by his brother, Augusto, locally known as "the witch hunter."  Only seven bodies have been found, however - either shot, stabbed or hacked with machetes. The seven other shamans have been reported missing. Roger Rumrrill, a leading researcher on Amazonian issues, said the murders are related to "protestant sects" that Torres and his brother belong to, the daily said. "For these protestant sects, the shamans are people possessed by demons, so they have to be killed," Rumrrill said.More details from the Peruvian Times.

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